Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag


Hi guys! Today I bring a tag. This is the Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag that was adapted by Trey from the Secret Life of a Youtuber Tag. I was tagged by Trey and also Bookmates. So let’s start it.

1. How long have you been a blogger?

I’ve started about two months ago. I’ve been thinking of creating a blog for years but I could never figure out what I should write about. Two months ago I decided to write about books and that’s when I started my blog.

2. At what point do you think you will stop?

I hope not anytime soon. This is so much fun and I love blogging more than I thought I would so I’m going to keep blogging as long as it still is something that I enjoy to do.

3. What is the best thing?

Talk with people about books. My friends don’t read a lot and I don’t have anyone to talk about books. That’s a thing I really love about blogging. I also love the amazing people I’ve found in this community. You guys rule. =)

4. What is the worst thing? What do you do to make it okay?

I don’t have a worst thing about blogging but I’m going to agree with Hafsa in this one. Sometimes I don’t know what I should write about and I have to think about that for a long time.

5. How long does it take you to create/find pictures to use?

Not long. I normally use book covers so I just go to the book Goodreads page and that’s it. I take little longer when I have to edit some images but it only takes about 15/20 minutes. I think I take a longer time resizing the image in the actual post.

6. Who is your book crush?

Do you want to see a really long list of characters? NOPE. I’m just going to say Will Herondale. And Jace. And Holder. And Warner. And Captain Throne. And Etienne. And Jem. And Noah Shaw. And… OK! I should stop now

7. What author would you like to have on your blog?

Cassandra Clare and Sarah J. Maas. It would be epic.

8. What do you wear when you write your blog posts?

It depends. If I’m going out or if I just came home I will probably be in jeans and a shirt. If I’m not going to leave the house or I’m not ready yet in my pyjamas. Right now it’s my pyjamas. It’s more comfortable.

9. How long does it take you to prepare?

If I’m doing a tag it doesn’t take very long, like 10/15 minutes. A review takes a little bit longer because I need to read the book and because it takes a while to know what I want to say about the book. Book Covers Around the World might be the one that takes a longer time because I need to know where the books were released and the covers looks and I need to do a little bit of research.

10. How do you feel about the book blogger community/culture?

I love it. The people in the community are amazing and very supportive. It’s really amazing.

11. Who do you tag?

Warisha from WarishaReads

J.F.Johns from Writersmania

Rach from Rach Reads Books

Ashley from HyperAshley

Melanie from One Less Lonely Blog

Katie from Clumsy Katie Reads Books

So that’s it. I also tag everyone who wants to do it. If you end up doing it tell me in the comments so I can see your answers. =)

7 thoughts on “Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag

  1. I loved your answers! LOL! I loved reading all your book boyfriends! Hehe, you take Captain Thorn so I can have Cress. Yep. That’s what we should do. 😛
    Anyway, I’m so glad you did the tag! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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